Dengue fever: What to do in case of dengue, what not to do

Dengue fever: What to do in case of dengue, what not to do

When to go to the hospital In Dengue fever

In case of Dengue, what kind of treatment to take, stay at home or in hospital – depending
on its type or category. There are three types or categories of dengue fever – ‘A’, ‘B’
and ‘C’. Patients in the first category are normal. They only have fever. Most dengue
patients are of ‘A’ category. They do not require hospitalization. Resting at home is


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Dengue symptoms are often confused with other illnesses (which cause fever, pain, rash).
Check out what are the common symptoms of dengue –
1) eye pain (usually behind the eye) with fever.
2) Muscle pain with fever.
3) Bone pain with fever.
4) Nausea/vomiting with fever.
5) Headache with fever.
6) Rash with fever.
7) Fever only
Nausea, vomiting

Dengue symptoms usually last two to seven days. Most people recover within a week.
But if someone has severe dengue, the symptoms can become severe within hours.



1) If you develop symptoms of dengue, see a doctor immediately. Tell where you went. 2) Rest as much as possible.

3) You can take paracetamol to reduce fever and pain. But don’t take aspirin and ibuprofen.

4) Dehydration is a problem. So the body needs a lot of fluids. Drink water or drink water mixed with electrolytes.

5) If there is high fever, wipe the patient with cold water.
6)There is no specific medicine to treat dengue.

7)Treat the symptoms of dengue and see your healthcare provider.

Severe dengue and its symptoms:

One out of every 20 cases of dengue is fatal. As a result, someone may bleed. Death is
possible. What are the severe dengue symptoms at a glance –

1) Abdominal pain and discomfort.

2) Vomiting (at least three times in 24 hours).

3) Bleeding from the nose or gums.

4) Vomiting of blood or blood in stool.

5) Weakness, fatigue, discomfort.


Who usually gets severe dengue fever

In those who have previously had dengue, dengue can become severe later. Dengue is also more likely to be severe in children and pregnant women.

What to do if severe dengue fever symptoms occur?

Get the patient to a doctor quickly. No time can be wasted. The faster you take it, the better it will be.

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